3 Pegging Positions You Must Know:Best Tips

3 Pegging Positions You Must Know:Best Tips

Today’s topic is positions that are pegging.

Doggy, Missionary & Cowboy will be the 3 positions that are main pegging that people enjoy. Each one of these jobs may be adjusted with small variation in human body place or locations that are different furniture such as for example beds or seats.

And in case reading isn’t your thing than jump directly to the underside watching our video clip with this topic alternatively.


So let’s focus on usually the one everybody else will understand, doggy design. The individual gay muscle guys being pegged has reached the base on fingers an knees additionally the pegger is usually the one behind them on the knees.

It’s a position that is simple requires the pegger doing most of the work.

This place is fantastic for more concentrated prostate stimulation additionally plus the individual doing the pegging a fantastic of motion. As it is a new sensation that the person being pegged will need time to get used to if you are new to pegging though take it easy at first.

Top tip – if for example the employing a curved vibrator like our Ambit, then transform it round so that the vibrator points down and never up. Your prostate is involving the bladder together with tummy, so if your in your fingers and knees getting the prostate stimulation that is most make sure that your toy curves down towards the prostate maybe not far from it.


Another basic intercourse position of this bed room but this right time round he’s regarding the base and this woman is on the top. While laying on the straight back elevate your feet towards your upper body, your most likely likely to desire to hold your feet.

As being a pegger in case your feeling specially principal it is possible to simply simply take your hands on their legs and back force them. Taking control can add on into the experience for both of you, keep in mind it is a modification of roles you want to be dominated and that feeling of just being fucked is hot for you both, sometimes. (mehr …)