May I transfer stability from several charge cards?

May I transfer stability from several charge cards?

The Cardholder can transfer outstanding stability from more than one choose other bank charge cards beneath the exact same or various stability transfer options, within their borrowing limit. Nonetheless, the customer cannot move such stability from his/her other HSBC bank card.

What’s the interest rate that we shall be charged when it comes to Balance Transfer center?

The attention price chargeable varies according to the sort of card you possess plus the plan you select. The attention prices which range from 15% p.a. to 19.8% p.a. There is a single time fee that is processing from 1% to 2per cent.

Just exactly How will my bank card limitation be impacted?

Balance transfer deal will block the available borrowing limit from the Cardholder’s bank card upto the total amount of stability transfer-on-EMI availed including relevant fees and provider Tax.

What goes on once I have actually requested numerous transfers of balance across different choices?

In case, a Cardholder transfers various amounts under various balance transfer choices, the payment are going to be allotted to the total amount transfers in decreasing purchase for the interest levels for example. the payment are going to be apportioned first to your interest balance transfer that is highest for the Cardholder. (mehr …)